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From online stores to affiliate marketing, e-commerce is as highly competitive as any brick and mortar business. To run a successful e-commerce website, you need advertising, promotion and personal networking. Unlike physical stores or businesses, social media networks and search engine rankings take priority over traditional marketing and networking. Today’s discerning customer avoids traditional advertising in light of peer recommendations through social media, blogs, review sites and your organic search engine results. Paid banner ads and paid search results only offer temporary results that provide no residual value.

This is where the Linkbuildr team comes in, with only organic, white hat, Google-approved link building, SEO and social media marketing services and campaigns. With organic techniques to build your search engine ranking and social media presence, the cost to you becomes an investment, not a investment like with traditional online advertising. All our work builds a sustainable improvement to your online business website, blog or social media page to focus on long term results and ROI.

  • The highly competitive e-commerce industry demands a strong online presence
  • SEO, link building and social media marketing are now essential in e-commerce
  • Long term grown and ROI focused services and campaigns
  • Only legitimate techniques used, no risks taken to your online ranking or reputation

buy now!With our online marketing services and integrated campaigns we will save you valuable time taken to personally manage your own SEO and online channels. Our professional team of SEO consultants, social media managers and writers will guarantee the growth of your search engine rankings and social media presence is achieved effectively, without any risk to your work or brand. This leaves all your time free for valuable face time with or on the phone with clients, property showings, in-person networking and of course, for your personal life and family. Just leave all the behind-the-scene and technical details to the Linkbuildr team.

To maximize the results to your Google ranking and online visibility, all our services at Linkbuildr are designed to be integrated, but can be applied effectively alone. With e-commerce, your search engine rank and social media presence determine if a potential customer will find you over your competitors. With many e-commerce sites, such as affiliate marketing related and online stores, already active in link building, SEO and social media marketing, competing on this level is now mandatory.  The team here at Linkbuildr’s mission has always been to provide only White Hat, organic link building and SEO, to ensure a stable long term effect on your ranking and visibility. We avoid any risks with our techniques, to never jeopardize your reputation with your customers or with major search engines. We will audit and optimize your existing website, blog or social media account, or build new with full SEO.

  • Online store, website, blog and social media account SEO and auditing
  • Competitor and backlink analysis
  • Only Google-approved “white hat” SEO and link building
  • No “black hat”, spam or automated techniques used

Linkbuildr’s writing staff can create original content to build quality links and expand your online presence. We will research your business, products, services and target market to ensure only relevant content is produced. Professional press releases, articles, copy or blog posts are available. Video, slide show and infographic production is also available.  All content produced by our team is fully designed for SEO, with online distribution and viral marketing options.  We can refurbish your existing content. This means editing your current copy, blog posts, videos, product descriptions to maximize their SEO.

shopping cartLinkbuildr also offers to operate as a “white label” service, meaning we can keep our services private from competitors.  We can work as your “in-house” social media team or manage your personal accounts. This can provide an advantage over competing e-commerce websites and online stores, who will be unaware you are actively improving your online rankings and search engine results.

  • Original content production, ranging from written, video, slideshows and infographics
  • Production of website, online store or product copy writing
  • Refurbish your existing content or copy to current SEO standards
  • Full support and service personally from our team
  • White label service: operate as your “in-house” social media manager or co-manage your accounts
  • Free custom proposal, to meet your goals, needs and budget

All of our services offered here at Linkbuildr are offered individually and can be fully integrated into complete campaigns. We personalize our services or campaigns to match your budget, goals and your involvement. Our services are all personal; you can always reach our team through phone, Skype and email. We can also guide you through our work for you, allowing you to decide your level of participation.

The team here at Linkbuildr is ready to design a complementary, custom proposal for any of our services and integrated campaigns. Please contact us below; we’d love to discuss in person to see what we can do for you in through email, Skype or by phone.

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