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So you’ve setup your shop online, your products are stocked in the warehouse, but the traffic isn’t coming in as much as you would have liked it to. Where do you go from here? Well for one thing, jumping into the online marketplace can be an overwhelming feat even for the most experienced shop owner. Having the time for marketing in the real world as well as online just isn’t in the cards sometimes, so I’ve come up with a plan to make your life a whole lot easier. I’ve worked with dozens of online retail stores as well as my own online ventures in Ecommerce and drop shipping, so I know where to start and how to succeed.

No matter what the shop size, I can help you with your online marketing to make life a whole lot easier. Every client gets a custom campaign thought out and drawn up to meet the needs of the niche. Every single competitor will be looked at, broken apart and compared so that we both understand where we’re at and how to get ahead. I make use of my unique link building methods, social media marketing tactics and other Ecommerce only marketing methods that can be found online. Just like all my other campaigns, this can be adopted by you to take on after our contract is up.

Campaigns start at minimum $2000/month, and if you’re trying to break into a very competitive niche then expect it to take months to get results. I like to start attacking the long tail keywords while working at the ultimate goal of ranking for the top few keywords that will bring in the big results. If your site is brand new there are always stepping stones you must go through before ranking for the harder keywords. But if you’ve been around for a long time online and just need a new direction, then we can setup a new plan and achieve those goals. To get your free site review and analysis just fill out this contact form below, and I will get back to you in 24 hours or less.

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