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May 30  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

Almost every SEO Consultant is aware of, but from what I’ve seen a lot of webmasters, bloggers and SEO’s do not take full advantage of what they offer. For those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s basically an about your website page that is powered by a Wiki and some custom technology. It’s arguably the most popular site like it, and it gets the most love in Google’s eyes.

Aboutus catalogs over 10 million websites, has 26 million pages indexed and does a grade A job of internal linking. If you want to see how a site sculps their page rank by the books then hunt around Aboutus with your favorite SEO browser plugin. I haven’t done too much editing to the Linkbuildr Aboutus Page, but as you can see I’ve done some editing which is more than I can say about others.

If you’re working on a client, or wanting a SEO boost then I highly recommend paying for an Aboutus Sponsor Review. For $197 USD you get can have their staff write a review of your webiste/business which will get you a content rich profile page. This can include video, audio and as well you get the benefit of dofollow links. The free pages limit you to nofollow and less social media features, but it is still worth the time to fill out. I’ll be working more heavily on mine over the weekend and I suggest everyone do so as well!


Kristina from Aboutus was too kind in coming here and giving me some more information. If you want to make a great page you can have the option of getting a couple dofollow links. check out the ProFollow tips and you could be on your way to more SEO benefits.

How To Improve Your Aboutus Page

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30 Responses to Don’t Forget

  1. Kristina says:

    Thanks! I went ahead and "ProFollowed" the links on since you've put some work into it. (See Also, here's a page with suggestions (with links to instructions) on how to improve your site's AboutUs page:

  2. linkbuildr says:

    Thanks Kristina. I'll be working on it more this weekend and getting a whole bunch of content worked in the to make it worth the while. I'll add your Profollow instructions up in this post too. Thanks a bunch.

  3. Thanks for the info! I´ll check it right away.

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  5. Acnepril says:

    Kristina these suggestions are great. I am planning on looking into updating and improving my About Us page. Your comments appear as if they are going to be very helpful. I especially like the ideas of tagging the sites with topics and adding logos or photos. Thanks.

  6. Suzie says:

    linkbuildr and Kristina,
    I see that the first link to your website is at the top of the page with the anchor text being the sitename. Farther along the page in the text you have a link with some keywords pointing back to your page again.

    Of course we all know google uses the first link on the page as the indexer, so the first link is not as valuable on this page as it could be since the keywords are not in it. Is there any way to make that first link not a link? Do I make sense?

  7. adam says:

    assalamu wa aleikum lovely web site uhave.

  8. Dan_N says:

    I have not yet submitted to this site as of yet but I will put it at the top of my things to do.

  9. Drew says:

    I've heard about this site but don't have the chance to visit it. Overall, the site can give so many features that would be helpful for a website owner.

  10. Great site! I just love the contribution feature. I wonder if I can submit my blog for free.

  11. Karmadir says:

    That's true drives a nice amount of traffic to your site, but the problem is that review price in the time of recession is expensive.

    For adding a client site on, we have to ask lot of money from client which he may not give us in this time of recession.

  12. Anand says:

    Thank you for the tips. I would follow this and improve an existing aboutus page of one of our websites.
    Thanks again.

  13. I thought all the links coming from were nofollow?

  14. Glen says:

    No doubt, really drives good number of traffic to one's site but for beginners the review price is quite expensive to start with. Overall, still a great site for site owners.

  15. Chris says:

    So if you build a good aboutus page you can have the nofollow lifted? Do you have to pay for it? I am not quite understanding this "profollow" deal. Otherwise, good article, I was not aware of aboutus and will be looking into it.

  16. linkbuildr says:

    Well all I can say is follow the link at the bottom of the article to understand Profollow. If you still don't, get in touch with them via email because they have a wonderful staff!

  17. Underdown says:

    I could see it being useful for reputation management, except its a wiki, and therefore prone to vandalism.

  18. alternative says:

    this is a nice addition on our seo link building strategy, thanks for sharing this useful information.

  19. jess SEO says:

    thanks .. i didnt know about aboutus .org..its very interesting and helpful … im checking it right know and im putting it in my favorites..thankz

  20. linkbuildr says:

    if you have an account you can get alerts when it gets updated. Honestly though, aboutus vandalism doesn't happen often.

  21. Scott says:

    I recently added this to
    can you people review if it is good for seo

  22. Rene says:

    all links are nofollow, so no linkjuice for you, follow the instructions at and they might become dofollow links !

  23. Scott says:

    ok thanks i will try to get profollow, is it limited, or they provide it to every site which fulfills their criteria?

  24. Rene says:

    I just submitted a site yesterday, and was accepted wihin 4 hours, so give it a try :)

  25. Scott says:

    ok cool, i will try tht too,
    Thanks rene.


  26. snagalot says: is going from bad to worse. Recently I got banned there for exposing an obvious phishing scam for what it is. Pressured to or paid for by the criminals, I don’t know. Either way, is scammers haven

  27. musa says:

    teşekküğrler thnks.. good post.

  28. Great post!! Bookmark!

  29. arnold says:

    Total scam.  They blank out any information about spam or phishing websites, saying they are “unconstructive edits”.  Basically they crawl your website, suck out some information, and then force you to spend your time fixing it up for them.  All the while trying to sell their own products.  Die die die.

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