December 2008 PageRank Update?

December 28  |  News  |   Ryan Clark

I’ve been hearing chatter down the pipeline about a Google PageRank update in the works. There has been reports of a lot of people losing their PageRank, so I’m hoping everyone is getting smarter when it comes to building links. It is only getting tougher out there and that’s why I try and promote quality link building to make sure you keep on moving ahead. I know PageRank is not much of a factor these days, but I still change my mind on that if your site hits the Page Rank 5 and up range. I’ve been building up this site nicely and I haven’t seen movement in my PageRank for a long time, but I’ve seen a lot of positive movement within the SERPs, so I must be doing something right! If you check out my backlinks profile you’ll notice I keep things tight, and try and get links from related sites only. So if you’ve seen any movement within your PageRank let us all know so we can see if something bigger is going on!

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14 Responses to December 2008 PageRank Update?

  1. binaryday says:

    I was expecting a link from you as I am the first one to report a pagerank update. :(

  2. linkbuildr says:

    Which site got updated?

  3. Dave says:

    I've had a lot of internal pages on my sites gaining pagerank but haven't seen any movement on the main pages.

  4. Kazem says:

    Is there any page rank really, I think it is not updated until this moment

  5. ScottFaisal says:

    All my sites got updated. I am happy overall with results.

    Only was surprised with http://appraisemycar.comas it dropped from a 3 to a 0. And its a domain I bought in 2004. I dint get it.

  6. Ruben Ricart says:

    Yea one of my sites dropped to 0 as well from a 2 – not sure whats going on with Google and I havent had any part of bad seo practcce. so im clueless as well.

  7. ScottFaisal says:

    Maybe it is just temporary and that things will get better by tomorrow. Atleast I hope so.

  8. Dont think its temporary. We starting seeing changes in PR across all our clients since the last two days and they are holding steady till today morning. The good news is that most domains have increased in PR!

  9. CuocThiSEO says:

    NOthing happens with my sites. But my friends’ pageranks changes.

  10. linkbuildr says:

    Linkbuildr just went up to a 2 and I noticed my friends at Infobarrel are now at 4 from 3.

  11. Susan says:

    I'll keep an eye out for it.

  12. SEO Positive says:

    My PageRank has not changed on 2 of my sites, however I have promoted both of them very heavily, but wisely in the last couple of months.

  13. Mines dropped too – no change at all – its 0 from a 2 …however, all my pages are indexed so I know im not in the sandbox -maybe it was a link penalty..who knows?

  14. Gini says:

    Yep I lost my on my main blog (of course) and I still have no idea why. One of my other sites went up 1 rank and the others have stayed the same.

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