Dangers Of Nofollow On Whiteboard Friday

May 1  |  Internal Link Building  |   Ryan Clark
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9 Responses to Dangers Of Nofollow On Whiteboard Friday

  1. I Need Money says:

    I think nofollow is kind of pointless since only Google Bot recognizes the tag attribute, while so many other web crawlers (Yahoo, MSN, etc) ignore it.

  2. What are the default no follow pages when I use wordpress as my blog CMS

  3. Nofollow is becoming dangerous because most of teh websites are becoming nofollow to save their link juice and then it would be difficult to see any quality links

  4. Yeah, I agree with you.

  5. Btw, your post very useful. I'll write a post about it too for my blog.

    Nikita, ;)

  6. Yes i think most of the sites are using no follow to save their link juice but from my point of view it's right way to go. Why should a website link to a site which is not linking to them.

  7. Why is everyone here so down on page rank sculpting? SEOmoz has clearly proved from their research that it works, but what this video advises is to use the tactic in moderation (like most things in SEO). The biggest lesson to take from this whiteboard video is to think strategically before page rank sculpting. Don't nofollow pages that pass on authority to important pages on your site, etc.

  8. linkbuildr says:

    I agree with you bigtime…not sure what half my commenter's are doing to me these days lol. 90% of webmasters don't even bother to sculp the juice and it's a pity.

  9. Suzy says:

    "Page rank sculpting" is a completely new term for me. I do know about the "NOFOLLOW" tag, but I thought it was only for outbound links. I didn't realize webmasters could use it to sculpt PR internally. I'm assuning this ONLY affects page rank, and not SERP's, correct? I really don't care all that much about my PR.

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