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September 9  |  Social Networks  |   Ryan Clark

We love interacting with our readers, clients and friends and we could always use more. One of the favorite tasks I do here at Linkbuildr is just help people and companies with their issues. I also noticed we spend too much time helping clients build their social followers, and our Facebook Page could really use some more love(as well take my own advice on how to be social). So if you’re wanting to interact with us on a more personal level we’d love to have you follow us over at;

1) Linkbuildr @ Twitter

We are quite active on our Twitter account and it’s pretty much all me, so if you ever feel the need to harass me, that’s the place to do it publicly! We drop a lot of hints, tips and tricks here as well as our latest favorite reads and posts.

2) Linkbuildr @ Facebook

Our Facebook page is pretty dull at the moment but we’re just opening it up as a Q/A section for our brand. We’ll happily answer your marketing and branding questions to the best of our knowledge. I imagine we’ll eventually move our comments via Facebook to be cool like the rest of the blogs out there.

3) Linkbuildr @ LinkedIn

I’m on LinkedIn on a daily basis and you’ll find me in all the cool groups :) While our company page is pretty dull, I invite you to connect with me and interact if you’re in some of the same groups. This is my favorite social network as well because it puts you in touch on a way more personal level. That and it’s great for finding clients in a way that doesn’t annoy people…even though LinkedIn has a bad spam problem.

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