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January 12  |  Link Building Tools, News  |   Ryan Clark

Happy Monday everyone….We’ve been working hard at getting the backlink analyzer function working on Link Voodoo and it should be rolled out very very soon. We’ve been taking into consideration all the features we’d want in this free tool and hopefully haven’t left anything out. We’re hoping to get some feedback from you folks before we roll it out and I have provided a screenshot below which should give you a better understanding of what we have in the works. We’re aiming to make it the most elaborate and informational backlink analyzer on the web which isn’t an easy task because there are a few really great tools already out there.

So it covers the usual goodies and you won’t be able to check the backlinks for individual pages until the Pro Tools roll out. If you are not signed up for a free account with Link Voodoo you will only be able to check the top 10 links, but with a free account you will be able to check all of them with full stats. Those stats include anchor text, Alexa ranking, Google PageRank, no/do follow, and the trust score of the site. You will also be able to download the results in a .csv file or in a nice sexy printable/emailable report for your client or boss. We decided to limit non signed up users only because the server costs involved in hosting a free tool like this. So please take a look at the screenshot and let me know what you’d like to see in the backlink analyzer that we don’t already have in or planned.

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10 Responses to Check Backlinks With Link Voodoo

  1. JRL says:

    That sounds good, maybe also Yahoo backlinks can be configured into the equation, I am not sure if that is a value indicator, but it certainly seems to be a factor in many of the LE threads in the forums. Also, when I consider link strength, I think of for instance, home page vs. links page which of course is a world of difference and also how many outbound links are all ready on that page, this can make a big difference on the strength.

    This is actually perfect timing for me as I have been looking for a good tool for this and I am not into spending the hefty price tag on SEO Elite. Any estimate on launch?

  2. JRL says:

    This looks great and I just signed up for it.

    I would add the link attribute. ie: no follow, do follow and also if possible, some indication of each link's strength.


  3. linkbuildr says:

    Thanks JR. We will have the no/dofollow attribue listed within the report and we are going to rank the link. We're not completely sure how we're going to rank the link, but it will definitely display the trust score our main tool reports back.

    So perhaps we can create an equation based on the site Alexa, PageRank and number of links to the site/page calculated by our trustscore. Thoughts?

  4. astrologia says:

    This is a great tool. I use it and highly recommend this application. It contains all the information you need to see backlinks.

  5. Juegos says:

    Is a good tool however i found it a little complicated to use. Thanks.

  6. Nits says:

    nice tool thanks great help for us

  7. Link Voodoo is awesome!

  8. looks like linkvoodoo is gone.

  9. All On The says:

    Just getting a 404 page when clicking on your link to
    linkvoodoo, have you moved it to a new URL? If so can you post the updated

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