Google Dots DDoS? Weird Stuff!

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August 8  |  News  |   Ryan Clark

There has been an influx of reports via Google Webmaster Central just in the past few hours about a Google spider called Dots running amok. Large sites are having major issues with this today and it’s knocking them out of commission it seems. There hasn’t been much of an official word yet, but there is some explanation in this Google Groups post.

Here are some current reports:

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Google Panda On Content And Ad Ratios

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June 29  |  News  |   Ryan Clark

Panda is still causing a whirlwind of fun for people and I’m seeing a lot of noise about length of content and ad ratios being billed as a factor. Well, if you need one more reason to read Webmaster World on a daily basis, now’s the time to sign up or bookmark. I was cruising the Google section today when I came across this nifty piece of information talking about how there is no “golden” ad-to-text ratio, and that size doesn’t matter when it comes to the article. This was said by Google employee Susan Moskwa

Dude, it sounds like you’ve read too many tin foil hat “SEO” articles. As long as your site has worthwhile, original content on it (i.e. it’s not just made to put AdSense on it), there’s not a golden “text-to-ads ratio” or a word limit for ranking. I worry that you’re just looking at the trees and not seeing the forest. Optimizing your site for search isn’t about counting the words on a page, it’s about making sure that you have useful, usable content, and then making that content accessible to search engines.

I feel kind of bad for so many mis-lead site owners in the Google Webmaster Help area because so many people were saying this was a problem. It however doesn’t elude to the fact that terrible ad placement may be a problem, something that hinders usability for the reader. I can see how 3 giant ad blocks above the fold are not going to be a pleasant experience.

I have only seen major Panda problems with duplicate content for the most part, and have yet to have any clients with too many ads get a bump. I have been suspect of your link profile being a factor, but I’ve also been shot down for this idea. The sites I’ve seen get hit did have very unnatural link profiles, so it could be coincidence or just that too many companies suck at building links. Either way, I hope this bit of information helps you with your problem solving and getting passed this update and get back to making money.

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Why You Should Follow Rand Fishkin On Twitter

May 12  |  News  |   Ryan Clark

Ok, strange title I know. While it makes me look like the world’s biggest ass kisser, I do have a good reason for the post title. I was just finishing up the friggin amazing article by Richard from SEOGadget on building high quality sites to kill it in the SERP’s Post panda, and then came the comments. So what does Rand have to do with this? Well I missed this amongst the millions of Tweets in my feed, but this is just on of a thousand good reasons to follow him on Twitter. This one will just make all the panda haters rage hard;

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How Long To Recover From Panda?

May 9  |  News  |   Ryan Clark

While no one really knows how long it takes to recover from Panda, or even how to, I’ve just read something that might help. Tom Critchlow from Distilled got a few moments out of Matt Cutts via Twitter and asked him these few questions. Thanks to Webmaster World for catching this and sharing. I’ve been trying to break down what all is inclined for a recovery, and so far from testing there hasn’t been much in the way of a solution.

Ever since I posted our help with Google panda recovery service we’ve been getting an influx of emails from businesses all over. We’re seeing a whole whack of issues from ultra poor content, thin content backed by bad linking techniques and the odd site that has us stumped.

So for those wondering how long does it take to see some positive gains from your efforts, here’s a conversation on Twitter that should enlighten a little. While I’m sorry there’s not much more, this should elude to the fact that another round of updates could hit for the good….or for the worse!

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Google Panda Recovery Help

May 2  |  News  |   Ryan Clark

If your company needs help recovering from a Google Panda issue then you’ll be glad to know we’re now offering help. We’ve been constantly helping websites via Google’s Webmaster Central, and now it’s time to offer a helping hand to those in dire need. There has been no clear signal from Google as to what has caused it for your site, nor how to fix it easily. There is a lot of information on recover, but where to start and how to go about it? We were happy to report that none of our clients got hit, nor did any of our own websites. That is something definitely we can take and learn from.

We’ve always made sure our clients had the right content, the right links and of course the right amount of social media marketing in place. Since the Panda update, we’ve had so many inquiries for help that we’ve hired on new team member just to handle the this problem.

From all the companies coming to us for help, there has definitely been a lot of things in common. First of all, a lot of in-house teams were to blind with rage that they weren’t seeing the big picture.  It’s hard to admit sometimes that your website isn’t perfect, and believe you me, we’ll give you a tough and honest audit. Our team will be offering on the house audits to big brands and established companies needing serious help.

If you like what we have to say, then perhaps our panda solutions are the right choice for your company. All it takes is to get in touch with us via our contact form and you’ll here from us within 24 hours.


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BOTW 2011 Coupon: 25% Off!

April 28  |  News  |   Ryan Clark

I know our readers always love a good deal, and while we don’t pimp many here, we always do for Best Of The Web! The web’s oldest directory is still kicking strong and is an editorial approval you’re going to want for your site if you don’t already. For those who’ve been on the fence about paying the somewhat steep fee, while now’s your chance to save a whopping 25%! BOTW is celebrating their Birthday which means instead of a $299 price tag, you’re looking at $74ish off with coupon code BDAY25. While good quality, aged, indexed and sexy looking links are going to still be the be all end all…take advantage of these deals and make us some referral monies! Just click on the image below to get the deal.

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Google Adds +1 Aka The Like

March 31  |  News  |   Ryan Clark

This is fresh news hot off the press, and it has be a tad worried. Google is implementing a new social feature to their search engine similar to that of Facebook’s Like button. This is most likely not going to make much of a difference, although, you never know for those locked into a heaty top 10 SERP. I won’t go into it much because the feature is pretty self explanatory, and will only be used if you’re logged into your Google account. I do see how easy this is going to be gamed by black hats, but that’s not much of a big deal either as links are already as easily spammed. I’ll let the video do the rest, or one of the 100’s of other blogs that covered this news today already…dupe filter here we come!

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Google’s Spam Team’s Goals In 2011

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March 27  |  News  |   Ryan Clark

Here’s a video with Matt Cutts talking about what Google’s spam team is going to be focusing on for the rest of 2011. While they’re just finishing up the Panda update, I have been getting the hints that links will be viewed differently in the coming year. Matt does quickly mention that link quality is going to get another look, and frankly it’s about bloody time. I have a post coming out soonish on just how Google might look at links as I have a decent guess at it. Link spam works way too easily still, and paid links by large companies seem to go unnoticed in large amounts. A quick look at any financial keyword’s top 10 listings will prove that theory within a minute, easy. I’m glad to hear that some more change is coming, and I can imagine it’s going to cause all sorts of fun (ie Panda update) for webmasters around the world.

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