What to Expect From Google’s SEO Department in 2013

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May 21  |  Link Cleanup, News, Video SEO, Wordpress SEO  |   Alex Chan

If you’re wondering what’s in store from Google for 2013, the video above shows Matt Cutts giving an elaborate explanation of what to expect.

Coming soon is the newest version of the Penguin algorithm, called Penguin 2.0. This update will have serious improvements from the last Penguin 1.0, and we should expect it any day now. The new Penguin will detect black hat SEO, go deeper into the websites, and have a larger impact than the previous updates. Sites should get ready by using Google’s Disavow Tool to defer any spammy links.

Along with Penguin, a new Panda update is coming. This update is expected to have an enormous impact on many websites and Google will try to “lower” the affects to keep from harming websites. The last major Panda update had serious impact on all websites. We should expect something similar for this one. The fact that Google states they need to “tone it down” means it’s going to be HUGE.

After punishing Interflora and a few UK Newspapers, Google will start looking into advertorials and other types of advertising that directly violate Google’s guidelines. Paying money for advertising in order to pass the PageRank is one of the issues that Google has been regularly monitoring this year. A number of link networks have already been shut down or heavily penalized.

Many users in England complained about pay day loans and other pornographic queries that appeared on Google will introduce two new changes in the area of spammy queries. One method is to detect links “upstream” in an effort to reduce the value of the spam links. Along with monitoring links in a new way, Google plans develop advanced link analysis software that will make Google’s search engine understand the linking flow better.

When certain websites present an authority in a certain field like travel, medicine, real estate, and so on, Google will try and boost the authority of those pages allowing them to top on the search result pages. This is great for existing authoritative websites but it will make it harder for new websites to join the race. In addition to handing out higher authority, Google will make another attempt at cleaning the “cluster issue”. The cluster issue was presented back in 2012 for websites that dominate the first page for a single keyword. That includes websites like yelp, and possibly even Google Maps, YouTube, or other Google entities. This is an attempt to diversify the results and offer the end-user a wider range of information.

Last but not least, Google hopes to improve the communication with the webmasters. This is great for white hat developers and we’ve already seen some improvements after Matt Cutts announced the best method for handling a manual Google penalty. When dealing with webmasters, Google announced that they will be providing more detailed and explicit information to the webmasters in their Webmaster Tools. That was something that Google was always criticized about and anyone who’s dealt with this can relate.

By the sounds of things, Google has a few good ideas that are going to help webmasters on the way. The improved communication sounds great but everyone should be prepped for both Penguin 2.0 and the upcoming version of Panda.

More Garbage Google Results

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July 29  |  News  |   Ryan Clark

I was shopping for a specific watch and I think among any type of search result, shopping ones are such garbage. Post Panda you’d think things would be better off but a clear example of what should have been fixed, is well, spammed out. Duplicate pages from two sites littering the search results albiet the top few are actually form Omega. This post really doesn’t bring much substance out, more so just a quick rant from an online marketer when I’m actually in shop mode.

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Google’s Changes To Duplicates In Site Links

February 28  |  News  |   Ryan Clark

So Google’s 40 new changes to their algorithm in February brought on many new changes. While there are already many blog posts covering the changes I thought we’d look at some humor.

Of course, the folks at Google state a lot of stuff that just doesn’t yet work or take effect. I’m quite content in saying that half of the stuff that comes out of their PR department is bollocks and mostly just hype. For example, they stated they’re making sure less duplicates show up in mega site links. It’s typical that Google cannot even get that part right as is evidenced here:

That is all for now :)


5 WTF Fiverr Gigs I Kind Of Want To Try

December 22  |  News  |   Ryan Clark

Fiverr is an awesome addition to the marketing world. You can get everything from promo videos to the crappiest link building packages on the planet. There are a lot of strange and unique Fiverr gigs and I thought it would make for a decently interesting post. I have not used any of these gigs but spent some time sipping coffee and sniffing out these weird gigs. There were a boatload of them as well, and I picked what I thought was the most strange.

I’m sure there are stranger gigs to come but for now these five will have to do. Some of these gigs are a wicked deal for only five bucks! I’m not talking about the 50000 xrumer links, nor am I talking about the article spinning or other weird and lousy SEO. I’m talking about random, quirky things people are willing to do for five bucks.

While my five picks may not still be available down the road, make sure you folks link out to other crazy/weird ones you mind in the comments. These gigs are so wild and whacky that it’s help out their link profile and traffic quite a bit. I’ll be trying out some of these gigs over the next few weeks and I’ll be posting the results here on the blog. I think it’s safe to say that these will be some of the strangest company purchases I’ve made to date.

The Fiverr Gigs

WTF #1) Armpit Fart Branding Message in a Bunny Suit?

Get This Gig:
WTF #2) Chainsaw and Knife Juggling With Brand Message

Get This Gig:
WTF #3) Get Positive Energy Sent Your Way

Get This Gig:
WTF #4) Drive-By Verbal Assaulting

Get This Gig:

WTF #5) Hire This Guy To Party With You

Get This Gig:

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My Trip To #SanDiego

November 24  |  News  |   Ryan Clark

I had the pleasure of going down to the beautiful city of San Diego to meet with a good friend of mine and now business associate. I tend to do a lot of on-site work around the world and was pleased when I got the call to get yanked down to the best state in America. I snapped a bunch of pictures for everyone here just in case you wanted to get a little more personal with me and our brand. I wish I had more than four days to lounge around, take in some more sun and a bite out of the local food scene.

I was a young lad the first time I visited this great city and it has changed quite a bit (for the good). The weather was much better than what we get up here in British Columbia this time of year – and I even had some rain. How else could you make a Vancouverite feel more welcome than sending some rain my way? My new venture will be bringing me out there quite a bit so do get in touch if you ever want to grab a beer and some grub!

Photo: Heading off from YVR

Photo: Settled in first class, gotta love it!

Photo: Lobby for the Grand Hyatt Manchester

Photo: Great view from my room @ the Hyatt

Photo: Shot of the hotel towers from the San Diego harbour

Photo: WW2 memorial in the harbour

Photo: Aircraft Carrier just outside The Hyatt in the harbour..massive!

Photo:My travel ritual…always get a double Glenlivet on the rocks!

Photo:Delicious meal from the fine folks at The Burger Lounge

Photo: Best American beer I’ve had to date from Mission Brewery

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November 3  |  News  |   Ryan Clark

A lot of people think ads on a website were a big factor in the Google Panda algorithm update despite a Google spam team employee stating they didn’t factor in ads. If they had, or if they did without telling us then the Washington Post needs a smack upside the head. I was doing my daily redditing and came across a link that lead me to their site and this is what I got smacked in the face with…I don’t really care but thought it would make for a funny post. Please excuse my lame ass GIMP editing skills on this picture. How’s this for user experience?

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Google Webmaster Central Gets Halloween Themed

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October 28  |  News  |   Ryan Clark

The only thing more spooky than what’s going on with Google’s SERPs lately is their Halloween inspired theme going on. If you drop on in to the Google Webmaster Central you’ll see this on your screen while you’re trying to give or get help. I’ve always seen the homepage get an animation or graphic, but this is the first time I’ve seen it elsewhere in the network. Not really much of a post, just thought I’d fill in some words while having the morning coffee.

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Scumbag Google – Bounce Rate

September 9  |  News  |   Ryan Clark

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