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LRT’s Competitive Landscape Analyzer

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March 24  |  Link Building Tools  |   Ryan Clark

Cemper’s Link Research Tools are hands down the finest in the industry and while they’re already ahead of the curve, they come out with this. The Content Landscape Analyzer within LRT allows you to profile your competition within the top 10 results for your keywords. This tool sums up all the needed info to take them out like what the right FOLLOW/NOFOLLOW, Brand vs. Money Keyword link ratio, Page Rank profile, Authority & Trust backlink profile. This puts companies in the right mindset, allows them to lay down goals and build up their brand in the proper way. You’d be surprised how many people are just focused on building links to rank top 10…c’mon now, this isn’t 2003!

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March 11  |  Link Building Tools  |   Ryan Clark

While the social web grows uncontrollably just like the normal web has done, there is too much to do and too much to track. How much statistical data can one take? Well, just a little more thanks to I’ve been utilizing a few different methods of tracking our Facebook Likes and ReTweets from across the digital landscape, and recently we’ve been running the free trial from this neat little web app. To me, the URL shortener, ReTweets and FB Likes are nearly the same as a link. so wouldn’t it would be great to know just exactly how many you’re getting to your content?

The feature you’ll also find a huge bonus to this social tracking system is its ability to track trends from blogs in your industry. Jaxified can measure not only your blog, but blogs in your field so you see how their content is performing. so you can spot trending topics and write better content. It can find breaking viral stories and show you who the key influencer’s are for each post and conversation. This is huge for identifying what’s going on in real time and interact as the buzz is taking place…brilliant!

There are a whole slough of other features within their platform, so I highly recommend checking out the demo for a good look. The pricing plans are well affordable, and any business serious about their social presence should be looking into a tool like this. The more time you can save, the more knowledge you have, the better off your company or business will be in the long run. If anyone out there has used Jaxified, lets hear what you think and especially if its helping your business.

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AdGooroo’s Link Insight Demo

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January 19  |  Link Building Tools  |   Ryan Clark

Eric Ward needs no introduction to anyone reading this blog, and most of you should know his involvement with AdGooroo. He has helped develop their link research tool called Link Insight, and I’m pleased to have found this demo video. The software is a tool for finding those quality, related links and gets rid of the spam sites so you don’t have to worry. The guidelines have been developed around Eric’s strict link finding principals, so you know you’re going down the right road with this web app. The feature I like best is it lets you know when you’ve lost a link, something more tools should have these days. Take a few minutes to watch the software in action, and if you’ve used it already, let us know here what you thought.

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PRWeb Discount Of 10% For New Users

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January 17  |  Link Building Tools  |   Ryan Clark

PRWeb has this deal running offering 10% off for new users to their service. I know more and more companies are churning out press releases within their branding and link building strategies. This gives you an opportunity to try one of the largest news distribution channels online, score some links and gain the attention of your industry. They have plenty of news release options to choose for, I personally recommend checking out their $200 USD option for its news reach, as well as its social media reach.

Sign up today and get 10% off your first news release!


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November 17  |  Link Building Tools  |   Ryan Clark

I’ll make this short and quick because time is of the essence, that and my Netbook’s battery life is getting low on the goods like my Starbucks coffee here. I’ve been using to create and complete my own websites social media profiles, as well for the clients who have big brands and need everything setup. offers profile completion on up to 300+ social media websites which really saves you a lot of time in the long run. While I don’t think every company needs all 300+ profiles, you can choose a few different options that suit your companies needs. This is also a great link building tool to help get those profile links going, you have to start somewhere right? You provide them with all the quality details about your company and they handle the account creation, email confirmations, pictures and of course your companies link. This is also a great start to getting those brand links from social media, all you have to do now is go get active and make those profiles worthy of indexation. The pricing is fair and they don’t outsource the work so you know you don’t have to worry. No offense to you outsourced companies out there but from the work I’ve seen come back, I’d never use you for a large corporation or brand. The pricing as follows;



Click Here To Get Started With Knowem

Yahoo Site Explorer Not Working Properly

October 24  |  Link Building Tools  |   Ryan Clark

I was just experiences then reading about recent issues with Yahoo’s Site Explorer not reporting the correct amount of backlinks (as if that exists lol). I still use it quite a bit, especially with a quick SEO Quake fix, so it’s good to know that the Yahoo team is working with the Bing team to bring it all back to working order. The good folks at Webmaster World definitely have a thread going, and Vanessa Fox already blogged about it so I won’t go into too much detail.

Basically, you can bet that Bing is working on integrating the data into their Webmaster center, and hopefully it gets a sprucing up. We all know Google’s tool is garbage for the most part…no surprise there though really. For now I always recommend Link Diagnosis to pull Yahoo’s data since the API version is still working normal. You can of course try out SEOmoz’s Open Site Explorer or try out Majestic SEO. Here’s what the Yahoo team had to say officially;

We are working with the Microsoft team to ensure that webmasters can continue to use Yahoo! Site Explorer to view inlinks (a.k.a backlinks) to a given webpage or a website and to further be able to export them as CSV if desired.

Please note that this functionality will be available only through the Site Explorer UI and not through the Webservices API.

Hemant Minocha
Product Manager, Y! Site Explorer

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Gmail Voice + Video Chat For Link Building

August 25  |  Link Building Tools  |   Ryan Clark

I recently started using Google’s Voice & Video Chat for Gmail which is a welcomed free tool in my opinion… especially for us link builders. I tend to do a lot of direct emailing for clients, and the ability to have this kind of access to my link prospects is going to open things up quite a bit. With all those Gmail contacts you’re collecting I implore you to take a chance and try to chat with webmasters and site owners face to face. I’m sure by now a lot of you have cold called webmasters which we all know brings in mixed results. If it’s easy enough for Grandma, then it surely is easy enough for a skilled SEO such as yourself.


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SecondStep SEO/SEM Software by BlueGlass

August 17  |  Link Building Tools  |   Ryan Clark

I just saw a post by Loren Baker about this very slick looking software suite from the fine folks at BlueGlass and just had to post about it. This software takes your marketing campaign to the next level with organization, analytic and work flow tools to make life easier. They have been private for a while, and this is the launch of a private beta in which you can sign up for. Loren did an amazing post on SEJ about the software, so there is no need for me to do it again, however I urge you to take the time to watch this video on how it all comes together.



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