Calculating TrustRank With Link Voodoo

December 31  |  Link Building Tools, News  |   Ryan Clark

I’m happy to announce the launch of Link Voodoo Beta for the new year and it is the beginning of the project I have been working on with two amazing people. My good friends who also programmed, designed and run InfoBarrel have teamed up with me to put together what will be the most complete link building tool on the them Internets. We need your input on what you like and don’t like about this first installment so please leave comments, bad or good.

So currently what is in operation is the very Beta version which calculates a pages TrustRank score based on a set of factors we determined. We want to help people determine if they’re getting links from quality websites, or pages and make your link building efforts more worth the while. This tool, plus a few tweaks, will always remain free and the next installments of “Pro Tools” we will bring on board will be available at a very reasonable cost. I cannot say much about what that will entail, but I assure you it will make your mouth water!

So as I stated in the first paragraph, we need your user input on what sucks and what doesn’t. Please bare with us as we fix things and break things. If anyone bloggers want to write about the tool I would be more than happy to bring you on board for sneak peeks and what’s coming next as well bring you on board as Pro Tools testers.

Currently you can see all the factors that determine your TrustRank, and within a week we will have full backlink and anchor test reporting so you can check your links, or your competitors. We will also have a keyword ranking/position tracker in place soon enough to make it more complete. So I hope you all find this useful and I’m looking forward in hearing some feedback!

Click Here To Try Link Voodoo Beta

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11 Responses to Calculating TrustRank With Link Voodoo

  1. Sussi says:

    The email field is too short where you sign up for the tool.
    And since that field is required …

  2. linkbuildr says:

    Sussi, we're fixing that right now. Thanks for noticing lol!

  3. Sussi says:

    The countries in the sign up are not in alphabetical order. I had to search like crazy for Sweden:-)

  4. linkbuildr says:

    ok I will get that fixed as well. Thanks once again for the help Sussi. Keep in touch either here or email and I'll be sure to get you on board to test the pro tools.

  5. Sussi says:

    If only I could figure out where to find your email adress. But I am sure you can figure out mine from my profile :-)

  6. Shane says:

    Really liking the Vodoo!! When is the release of the Firefox Extension? Thinking something like right click on the site and run it's vodoo.

  7. Good news. but how will it work and what will it tell? its questionable untill judging.
    If you check a back link in a sense what it will refer that how much traffic we got or much alexa is improved due to it.

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