Business Startup Marketing

Starting up a business either offline or online can be a time consuming and hair pulling task, so I’ve come up with a solution to help people focus on building their business. There are just so many methods of marketing your startup, some I’ve covered in a post called the Web Business Startup Marketing Guide, and about 100+ more methods I’ve got kept private for my clients.

My approach covers a few different aspects when marketing your startup. Of course I keep link building first and foremost, but the links mostly come from sites related to busines services such as business directories, classifieds and unique online sites. These tactics will build a strong set of links while bringing in targeted traffic you can use to optimize you site with. My goal is to also bring in enough traffic to analyze with Analytics(or equivalent), and tweak for a maximum ROI. This service can also be paired with another campaign I offer such as my Video Marketing, or my New Website Link Building Package.

Prices for this service start at only $2500 a month and if you combine it with another I’ll give you a generous discount. This package includes competitor analysis and data you can keep to give you a clear idea where you stand against them, and what you need to do to overtake them. Everything gained with this package can be reused by you in the future to keep going at your own pace if you decide to only work with my for a short time span.

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