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RTD50 gets you $50 off the regular price of a yearly inclusion in into the Directory.

DIBUY3 will get you a 3 for 1 directory listing discount if you have a few sites to get in here at once. Directory
I’ve been meaning to get some more resources and information up for the Directory that will save you money. I’ve scoured the web to create a list of the latest working coupons that provide some sort of ease on your wallet this year. For those of you that know the value of these links read on, and the rest of you can hear me out as to why I get all my clients listed here.

When determining if a website is a good link acquisition I take a look at a few factors to keep up the quality level. These should already be stored in your brain’s database, so if not I’ll put them out there for the folks new to all this link confusion. I use a little well know tool called SEO Quake to handle my ninja-like quality scoring factors, mainly because it’s free, quick and easy. I know PageRank is a hard quality factor these days, but there is still room for measure. I like to take anything with a PageRank of 4 or higher with some serious consideration.

Ok, so we know that PageRank isn’t the end all here. I specifically take a look at few different factors when it comes to wanting a link from a target website. My factors are age, indexing, link profile and relativity to your own niche and or business. A domain with some sort of credible history of being indexed and a legit site goes a long way towards making my brain feel at ease. Everyone who reads this blog should know by now to be peering into their links at least with the SEO Quake toolbar. I ran them through Link Diagnosis for everyone to have a look at because this is a site that has a lot of link authority.  Keep in mind this link profile isn’t their entire set, but a good indication that they pack a powerful link punch.

The next factor in the equation is the Alexa rank and how well indexed the site is. With over 65,000 categories boasted in the above picture, I see that they have over 66,000 indexed pages in Google. Just to sweeten the deal they have over 133,000 index in Bing, and Yahoo with just over 347,000 indexed pages. You never have to worry about your link going out of the SERPs, so it is money well spent. Passing the quality inspection required to get into the directory means that the results are trusted. They have built their entire business on quality so naturally the link authority followed.

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  1. Nsuarez says:

    Are these coupons still good? I had a client enter the RTD50 one and it didn't work.

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