Coupon Just In Time For Christmas

December 12  |  News  |   Ryan Clark

Well I wanted to give out some savings for my favorite web directory before they up the prices come 2010. BOTW is raising the roof on prices next year by a little bit, so now is the time to get in while the prices are cheap plus the 15% off with this coupon. This BOTW coupon is good until the last minute on December 31st, 2009.

I know a lot of you hear me praising a lot and it is for good reason. Earning your site a level of trust in Google is what good quality link should do, and this is a piece of the puzzle. The BOTW review process weeds out low quality sites so getting accepted here lets Google know your site is worthy of a little more trust. I’ve personally the positive results obtained from being accepted into this directory which is more than 15 years old!

Coupon Code: LINKBLD for 15% off

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9 Responses to Coupon Just In Time For Christmas

  1. Excellent! I've been meaning to get my site into BOTW but have been hesitant due to the cost and general laziness. This coupon makes it much easier on my wallet – 15% is no chump change. Thanks!

  2. Buy Websites says:

    I have always considered if I wanted to list my website on BOTW. Seems to me the $299 one-time seems to be the best value. Thanks for the 15% off coupon too.

  3. Thank you for the coupon code. That's a $44 discount, not bad.

  4. linkbuildr says:

    Yea I hope everyone who wanted in on BOTW gets it at the cheapest price possible. Now what I'd love to hear is if anyone noticed positive results a week or so after getting in there? I know I always see great results but then again I could be lying my face off. So on that note, is there an unbiased source out there willing speak up and pay attention? :)

  5. cant belive i found what i was looking for and get a coupon code.


  6. I'd be interested in some feedback about whether or not this helped too. Before I cough up that much money for a link I'd like to know that it works. It seems to me that the effect it'll have on your site depends on your site. If you just have a brand new site with no authority at all, it'll probably help a lot more than if you have a really high authority and well established site that already has a lot of good links to it.

  7. linkbuildr says:

    Well the goal in link building is to get old, high quality links right? BOTW is one of the oldest and since it doesn't allow shit in the directory it has upheld its quality for over 10 years. I cannot put any proof here other than the reasons I've stated.

    I'm obviously an affiliate for them and I don't hide the fact but almost all my clients get listed with them. I strongly believe that being listed here helps your site get that trust from Google, and I'm more than open to having someone refute that statement.

    The results I've seen have been positive and what I *think* I've come to know is that a listing here will go a long way in settling down the Google dance.

  8. I love botw but price is so high 

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