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November 12  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

I picked up on a really interesting article written by fellow blogger Danny Cooper which covers his blog comment case study. The study takes place over a month and Danny goes over all the areas of his website in detail that benefited from the experiment. I’ll be the first to admit I haven’t done a whole lot of blog commenting, mainly due to being lazy, but from what I can see here I now have some motivation to get in gear.

When I first started this experiment my main aim was to use blog commenting purely as a link building tool, and report back to you guys.  Since then I have learnt that blog commenting is soo much more! You’re probably think what could blog commenting achieve thats worth more than the thousands of inbound links from big bloggers? I’ll tell you what, networking.

I can say from experience that I’ve been more inclined to post about something, or at least notice someone when they’ve left a comment on my site. A lot of the friendly and informative posts have also lead to some great friendships and business opportunities. Getting your name out there can only lead to positive things as long as you’re positive to begin with. Remember when blog commenting to leave a useful post that is information rich and dead on in regards to the topic at hand.

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8 Responses to Blog Commenting Link Building Case Study

  1. joerzoe says:

    Nice analysis…I got something from that.thank buddy…

    joerzoes last blog post..Search Engine Optimization

  2. Hi,
    I have question in mind…say for example I don’t have any site related to webmaster niche…but still I would like to interact with people like you and other fellow bloggers via commenting….Does it look unprofessional If I share some other site in my commenting area…for example…I just have my simpsons site url here…..instead of any seo related site….Do you think is it ok?

    Watch Simpsons Onlines last blog post..the simpsons season 15 episode 1 treehouse of horror xiv

  3. Danny Cooper says:

    I can answer that, cross-niche interaction is fine, after all we are all bloggers! One thing I would say is don’t use your anchor text, use your real name.

  4. Dennis Edell says:

    I must agree. Any real URL (not affiliate) is fine, but the anchor text is a wee unprofessional.

    i can also state first hand that commenting WORKS on so many levels. :)

  5. Sam Nichols says:

    I also can't understand people using keywords as anchor text. Or maybe they comment just for the backlink but I usually dissaprove these kind of comments on my blogs.

  6. fabs says:

    I absolutely agree, this guy is right!

  7. Blog comment is helpful specially when you comment to related blog as you not only link to it to add on you back links but also through it you can meet those that have interested with the same topic.

  8. seo pro says:

    Commenting on a blog post is mostly attributed as spam. Some consider it as cheesy way of link building. However, a valuable information related to the blog post increases it’s search volume. 

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