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February 10  |  Link Building Tools, News  |   Ryan Clark

Well we’ve finally launched the public beta version of our backlink analyzer which is still in early development. We’ve tested it on Linux(Ubuntu), MacOSX, Vista and XP so it should run fine on most computers if they have Java installed. We are encouring anyone to leave feedback and comments so we can tweak and improve the software as we go along.

The software runs in two different modes, quick run and full run. The quick run checks a sites entire backlink profile but only reports back one unique anchor text link per domain, instead of the full run which will report site wide links. Yahoo Site Explorer reports everything and we found that this is usually annoying to sift through. We will be soon adding a sorting function that will allow you to list the results by PageRank or Alexa Rank.

If you input your domain and there are already results that means someone has already run your domain through the backlink analyzer. You can choose to view the data or click the “update data” button to scan for new links that may not be listed. This will relaunch the Java app and gather all the new links, and once it’s finished you can refresh the page or click the update option on screen to usher in the new or updated results.

The Pro Tools portion of Link Voodoo will be rolling out the first part after this section has been thoroughly abused by you and me. I still can’t go into details on what those features will be, but trust me they’re going to be schweeeeet.

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8 Responses to Backlink Checking With Link Voodoo

  1. I look forward to the sorting features, will be quite useful.

    When I click on "Quick Run" or "Full Run", it asks me to download a file called launch.php, instead of actually running the file. I can screenshot it for you if that's helpful.

  2. linkbuildr says:

    Hey Will! You should choose to open the file because it will run the Java…and not install any spyware :) We added a nice visual aid to clear things up on that section now. Check it out and let me know if it runs!

  3. Hello,

    Nice post. I am familiar with most of them but still they are in good description. A couple of other things that I have found useful.

    A few methods we use involve checking the backlings or your competiors. Yahoo has the most accurate listing of backlinks so use them. But I found something new with voodoo. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. I see the new visual aid, and it does indeed help. However, my computer thinks .php files should be opened by Dreamweaver, my editor of choice these days. I'm pretty technically-minded, but I never use Java. I'm not even sure how to open it as an application.

  5. You could always save the file to your desktop and open it from there. If the file doesnt save as launch.php.jnlp, rename is to launch.jnlp and open it up. This will launch the app and allow it to run.

  6. pagerank says:

    I regret I didn't know about it earlier. I could have saved the file…

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