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February 20  |  Twitter Marketing  |   Ryan Clark

I just found out about Twollow through some tweets on Twitter…now let’s never say that sentence again. I know a lot of you have no need for Twitter, but for some of us it can be one hell of a business tool. I’ve been somewhat growing my Twitter account but I just don’t seem to be moving fast enough. Some of you can hugely benefit from the networking aspect but may not have the time, so here’s something to help you folks out. Keep in mind I was not paid, or will be paid, for this post so it’s up to you for some feedback.

I’m not one who wants to waste much time on there so any help is good. If you’re trying to launch successful linkbait/viral campaigns, then this tool is also right up your alley. Once you have a decent Twitter following you’ll be surprised how much easier it is to snag links. A lot of sites, apps and widgets now a days are arching and indexing retweet’d content. So the more of an influence your account is, the more random links you’re going to pick up over time.

Give it a FREE 7 day trial right now!

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