Augmented Reality: The Future Of Link Bait & Viral Marketing

June 1  |  Link Bait Tactics  |   Ryan Clark

I’m betting big on augmented reality being the next best thing in viral and link bait marketing, in fact, I’m betting huge! The concept is quite simple and for those of you who don’t really know what augmented reality is, then I suggest you get reading. I think it’s safe to say that this is the next big revolution in mobile marketing, branding and selling. I also believe this technology is going to change the way our world is seen for the good. What do I mean by that? Well eventually this technology will leap from your mobile device and straight in your head via contact lenses.

So I don’t think we’ll find anyone who disagrees with my title here…or do we? Businesses are going to have a whole new level of marketing to add on, something a lot of us might be more annoyed with. There is already too much marketing to tackle and yet here comes another avenue. I say get used to it because this won’t be the last! For now, look at is as a way to seriously set yourself apart from the pack and do something fresh. There are a lot of big opportunity waiting for companies out there to use this new technology and build some serious buzz.

I’ll lead by example after I yap your faces off a little more. I’m already seeing augmented reality applications taking off in the travel sector as well as the real estate industry. These are both areas that this technology is really going to benefit both the user and the pusher, and that’s where big money comes into play. Augmented reality is already creating its own economy and you’ll find that hundreds of millions are being thrown at start ups.

This is exactly what I picture when I think of myself sitting at a desk 10 years from now;

For those business wanting to build some hype then start researching and building right now. I’ve seen individual cities come out with apps for free, and I’ve seen how hotels are implementing this technology as I write. There are hundreds of amazing examples of this technology in use already so lets look at how some big brands are already ahead of the trend.

How BMW Continues To Innovate


Check Out How Tuscany Is Helping Out Tourists


ZAGAT Is Augmented Your Tummy Reality


Wearable Augmented Reality Is Already Here

Video Games Are About To Get Real


There are so many amazing videos showcasing this technology and it’s only in its early stages. I think our world is about to get really really interesting, and the marketing opportunities are about to explode. I’d love to hear from other companies doing something amazing within the augmented reality marketing landscape, so post something in the comments below!

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  1. You have a strong point but I think its really hard to tell when will this blow out. I mean 3Ds are here, HD and a lot more are here but this kind is far from what’s here.

  2. Dustin Hill says:

    Thanks for the comments. It’s always huge to be ahead of competitors!

  3. tub chairs says:

    Now a time technologies has so much big and we can do everything, we can video chatting on the mobile and i phone is coming with great functions..

  4.  Great videos.You have described everything very clearly. It’s always huge to be ahead of competitors! Thanks for sharing this tips.

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