Article Marketing That Doesn’t Suck: Infobarrel Does It Again

August 2  |  Brand Building  |   Ryan Clark

It’s no secret that most content/article marketing these days is dropping in quality at a rapid pace. This is surely not the case for a lot of content hubs out there, especially with InfoBarrel. By now I imagine most of our readers have heard of them, are using the site and or have planned to. While a lot of content farms got hit in the Google Panda update, Infobarrel keeps on thriving due to its strict content policy and quest for quality. This site is a gem among ugly ass stones my friends!

Why am I writing about the site again? Well they recently added a feature that will further their quality standards to new heights. If you’re citing a reference you can now implement the location as well as bibliography information. This is quite unique and super helpful for those serious writers looking to keep their content thriving in the SERPs.

This is the kind of good stuff all content hubs should have, but only the best of the best will adapt and continue to rank hard. You can choose from many different sources to attribute including books, encyclopaedia’s, magazines, newspapers, dictionaries, websites and reports. Linking out to credible sources is a must in my opinion, and this should really go to adding more authority to their site. If you’re not writing awesome content on here then you’re really missing out! Forget about the link benefit and go for the juicy traffic that you can score from their authority ranking power.

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  1. Hey Ryan,

    That is not the first time I have read about linking out to credible resources.

    You wouldn’t think that linking out could help you, but I keep hearing this, so there must be something to it.

    Interesting. I will check out InfoBarrel.


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