Anchor Text Penalty While Link Building

August 20  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

Chris (cemper) is one of the most respected link builders out there and it is due time that I started getting his videos up here for everyone to see. This video brings out something very interesting you don’t hear about in the open too often. I know I’ve run into this problem many times and it is just one of the pitfalls of link building.

Chris has a German real estate client who has been online for 10 years and has naturally developed around 100,000 links(give or take site wides :). The problem started when they built some links to a few new content pages, and then got filtered via Google’s anchor text sniffer. Take a listen and learn a thing or two that might save you some time and trouble down the road.

Who: Chris Cemper
What: SEO Consultant specializing in link building

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6 Responses to Anchor Text Penalty While Link Building

  1. Steve says:

    This guy is an "SEO expert"…and yet he didn't now all this a year ago?

    Maybe I've been doing this too long then, because what he 'discovered is SEO 101, imo.

    So what's better than "expert"..?

  2. The thing that I find interesting about this study is that it revolved around "new pages" on a trusted domain. It's almost better to let a new page get discovered first before shooting any links at it, IMO. Do your on-page SEO properly so Google is pointed in the right direction for the page, and then link build with appropriate anchor text.

    This makes sense to me, and I don't believe this to necessarily be "SEO 101." I am willing to guess that if a similar test was done on an established page, an aged page, or a homepage, the results would be different than on a new interior page.

    Just a thought.

  3. i think it was a very interesting clip although it was nothing new. I have been pushing this theory for a while now. A link should always be relevant, this is far more important than page rank.

  4. I loved this video because we are doing some intense link building at the moment and seeing nice results. I now realise I need to calm down and spread out the anchor text even more. I have been doing that but looks like I need to be even more careful. Also the PR vs Relevancy deal has given me pause for thought.

  5. linkbuildr says:

    Good call Laurence. I've seen it happen when I think it wouldn't(shouldn't?), and I've seen mass anchor distribution without it. Then again I still see the best ranking websites buying links and doing link exchanges so god knows what Google has cooking sometimes.

  6. jamie says:

    This video is a good intro to link building. Gaining relevant anchor text on authoritative sites is certainly one of the most difficult aspects of SEO, but it definitely pays off.

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