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January 10  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

Here’s another quick and small update to keep you folks posted until my next big post is out this week. Akama is an old and still very well ranked business directory that has been kicking since 2001 and is a great place to get a company link. you may not get a targeted anchor text but no worries, you’re still getting a little link love. The directory is virtually spam free for an open directory and has over 90,000 pages indexed in Google, over 67,000 in Yahoo and only a couple thousand in Bing.

So if you have a legit company you’re more than welcome to submit your company profile and enjoy a whole range of profile features. I ask for the sake of Akama that you don’t spam anything that’s going to waste the time of the staff over there. It’s a free resource and it should be respected and used for only what it is intended for. I highly suggest you take a quick glance at their FAQ before filling out the company submission forms.

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7 Responses to Akama The Open Business Directory

  1. thanks for the tip, nice directory…would be a bit sweeter if the link provided was a dofollow link and allowed a title. here’s to hoping they’ll change it and increase its link building appeal

  2. Dmtpublic says:

    Akama does not have a contact us page. So, if you have a problem (like needing to edit your website URL), you are out of luck. Additionally, you will waste time trying.

  3. Dmtpublic says:

    More detail: Akama is one of the bad sites that has no ‘out’ for fixing problems with a business listing. They have an out-of-date website address for our business and we have no way to edit this information. They have an edit business details, but the website URL is not editable. They also have no contact us link, which is really bothersome. I haven’t looked hard for this bit…but I didn’t see a ‘remove this listing’ type option either. Very frustrating. Using Akama has cost me a lot of time and I doubt it is worth it. There are other listing providers that have much better error correction workflows.

  4. Info says:

    Both Irwin Industries and Pro-Tech Exterior Products have moved from 327 Harbour Road to: 875 Viewfield Road, Victoria BC, V9A 4V2
    Please arrange to have both profiles changed.
    Norm MacDonell

  5. Info says:

    Protech Exterior Products has moved from 327 Harbour Road to: 875 Viewfield Road, Victoria BC, V9A 4V2
    Please arrange to have the profile changed.
    Norm MacDonell

  6. Derrik Moore says:

    Lake Martin Mini Mall in Eclectic, AL has a new phone number. It is 334-857-3900. Thank you!

  7. Goldcoast says:

    Gold Coast Town Car Services in Kailua-Kona Hawaii has a new number.  It is 808-756-7375.  I cannot find anyway of contacting you so can you please let me know how we can change the number.

    Thank you,

    Mike Duda

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