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October 14  |  Link Building Videos  |   Ryan Clark

I just finished watching this awesome speech from Chris Cemper who needs no introduction. This was taken from the past Budapest Affiliate Conference where he dropped some link building knowledge. This video is well worth watching through out and should easily get your link building juice flowing, and you get to take a peek at his tools….link building tools that is!

Christoph C Cemper has been building links since 2003 and is a well respected guru in the SEO industry, especially when it comes to getting real juicy links on trusted domains. Link Building techniques have evolved over the years and it gets hard to diagnose a good link at all. In this session Christoph gives you an overview of his tactics, techniques and (private) tools he uses. Learn how to find the best pages, diagnose its health and what co-citation is about.

Part 1


Part 2



Part 3


Chris has been hard at working preparing Link Research Tools which helps him dive deep into the link profiles of client and competition websites. These are link building tools built by link builders, over a couple years and they`re almost ready for launch. You can sign up on their website to get into the Beta program, or you can wait until she`s live and ready to purchase. There are tons of features in this software that make me drool everytime, so check out the specs of what this thing can do.
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  1. Oh man you caught me… I just had a session here at A4U in London and I thought you had it taped on Video and edited&posted at first glance… LOL – advanced live coverage including video footage only few hours after preso … now that would rock >:-)

  2. Todd says:

    Awesome Vids….LOTS of great information here! You also gotta love the "awesome graphics by Jim Boykin" for co-citation. ;)

  3. linkbuildr says:

    for sure! Chris as been killing the scene lately and for a good reason. The link building industry has some really professional but kind and honest people leading the way, like Chris, Eric Ward and Wiep.

  4. Excellent videos, relevant backlinking is what matters

  5. don't forget eric enge with stone cold consulting that should be on the eric ward level list like yourself.

    Keep us in mind to do a feature on humor link building….. why …….because its so funny….it works

  6. Chris is the man! awesome vids dude, these videos could change results of any link building campaign drastically. All about the quality.

  7. Plexiglass says:

    Wow! Great information. They totally changed my views.

  8. joel says:

    Fabulous video. Thanks for sharing. Now I utterly know importance of relevancy and back links.

  9. Immensely enjoyed those videos. Chris Cemper, as always, is bloody awesome.

  10. Manhattan says:

    The hard part is when someone wants you to build their links without providing articles or content. Then it's all forums and blog comments…

  11. Great videos! I followed your link from REW. See you're in Vancouver too! Best of luck and thanks for the great blog!

  12. linkbuildr says:

    Were you at the meet last night?

  13. Andrew Wood says:

    Very interesting videos but one question that constantly sticks in my mind is this. If the SEO's, firms, agencys etc who practice the dark art of SEO and rank extremely well for my targeted key phrases that I target using the purest and whitest of all SEO techniques, will I ever stand a chance up against these brutes?

  14. linkbuildr says:

    most likely not. I know a lot of consultants will say just keep building quality links and that part is true. If they're just so far ahead linkwise then you're looking at some serious work to get up there.

  15. Wow, some excellent information and tips in these vids. It seems like it's getting more and more difficult to do proper, relevant link building while sticking to purely whitehat methods, but it's definitely still possible and often requires some creativity. Thanks for sharing these videos.

  16. thomson says:

    Excellent blog. It would be helpful for newbies like me. Thanks for sharing.

  17. monika says:

    really good post everything is clear through video.i like andrew post and i want to ask same question.please clear my doubts.

  18. manu says:

    I really thanks you for your such a important video.It really change my thoughts and my behavior.

  19. Forbrukslån says:

    One thing I really hate is that I dont come across sites and posts like this more often. This was some really good info! Thank you!

  20. Sandym says:

    Thanks for the video's. As always Chris, inspirational. Thanks

  21. really a great blog you explain linkbuilding very clearly thanks nowadays linkbuilding is very essential thing for developing heath relationshipes.thanks .keep it up.

  22. steel baths says:

    Chris I really like what you said about "natural links" rather than just using perfect anchor text to send users to your site. You're also really interesting and easy to listen to. Thanks for the videos, I've bookmarked you!

  23. samwilliams says:

    Excellent Video.. Very useful information i have got overher

  24. You done a very hard work. I Found your video are very Inspiring,
    Reality television websites should take as a link because the post is so well written and so well planned so go for it, and I will add it to my own blogs and sites seeing as it is free!

  25. Amazing video. I've learned a lot of strategies on posting.

  26. ned i vekt says:

    Very good tutorial. I learned a lot, thanks! Linkbuilding has for me always been boring, but with your help I have gotten new motivation for it.

  27. stela says:

    Excellent speech by Chris Cemper..enjoyed these videos…

  28. reva says:

    Well done. Nice informative videos. Thank you.

  29. Thanks for this great videos I would like to say- Sure blog is the best ways for link building and passing good amount of link juice to the site

  30. Nice one. Very informative and excellent videos. Thanks for sharing.

  31. Remorques says:

    Link building is one of the major ranking factors and with these videos, it helps me a lot. I was kinda bored with my link building process but now, i'm more confident.

  32. Patrick says:

    im just starting my link building for my website. I will use this tutorials to help me. Thank you very much!

  33. carlkerr says:

    Hi, Very informative. Im starting to build links for my website and your blog was just perfect for me. thanks again!

  34. I think you have done a very informative site. thanks form your tip. Since my site is just starting up, I think I will give joomla a try.

  35. We’ve made a ton of improvements to the product over the last few months, with lots more in the works right now. I’d love to walk you through the product and show you what we’re working on.

  36. Hi Wipe, we’d love you to take a look at Seeded Buzz, it has some of Anne’s Guest Posting features with additional blogger to blogger link building features. It’s also free for brands to pitch thousands of blogger in order to build links.

  37. bar crawl says:

    You can sign up on their website to get into the Beta program, or you can wait until she`s live and ready to purchase. There are tons of features in this software that make me drool everytime,

  38. Hi all link building task is maintain by SEO all is very important parts of promote any blog all is very nice.

  39. You have done a very informative site. thanks form your tip. Since my site is just starting up, I think I will give joomla a try.

  40. You can sign up on their website to get into the Beta program, or you can wait until she`s live and ready to purchase. There are tons of features in this software that make me drool everytime,

  41. I understand that next year's conference will be in Rome, which makes it a tough sell to get the boss to pony up the cash for travel — I guess we'll have to start working on it now.

  42. advance link is very important for the ,,internet user.It is give the better opportunity for the internet user.Thanks to it.

  43. Link Builders need the best tools to excel in their job! Link Research Tools is the most advanced link building toolkit on the market with automated and make the business very essay

  44. darky says:

    Interesting vidoes, unfortunately, as a white hat recently turned to the dark side, I can say based on my testing that he is very very wrong in most of these points. You don’t want a link from unrelated sources or “bad neighborhoods”? Of course you do. If that could hurt you, everyone would be getting their competitors’ penalized by blasting their links to bad neighborhoods. It’s very difficult to get another site penalized…I’ve tested this several times. Lesson learned: get links EVERYWHERE you can.

  45. hi. i am a seo novice trying to make a career in Link Building. what r the complete works/tasks undergone to make link building for a site for a PR1 ranking? I need to know all the tasks.

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