5 Twitter Chats for Link Builders

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July 23  |  Link Building Tools, Social Media Sites  |   annsmarty

Although I’ve known her for a few years now, I don’t think Ann Smarty has ever written a guest post, something she seems particularly fond of, for Linkbuildr. In our last correspondence I told her that she’s always welcome to post on the site and she whipped something up for us right away. Believe it or not, this is that guest post! I know, right?

Twitter Chats have really reached a new level of popularity lately. You basically set a time and date, as well as a topic (if you choose) and invite people to come. Then, you start off the conversation with a tweet using a specific #hashtag. That tag is then placed on all responses as people communicate with one another in real time by following hashtag updates.

Bloggers are utilizing this perhaps more than any other group right now. But that doesn’t mean they are the only ones who can benefit. Link builders can find great opportunities to learn some tips, tricks or just build links through a conversation. Think of it as the ultimate in 160-character networking.

Here are five Twitter Chats that link builders might want to check out.

1. SEO Chat


If you have questions about SEO or just want a good discussion on the topic, you will love this weekly Twitter chat. Every Thursday at 7PM Mountain the admin posts a question, then following questions every ten minutes for an interviewee that has been chosen beforehand. You can ask follow up questions, time permitting, using the hashtag #seochat.

2. MyBlogGuest


At 11 AM EST every Thursday, MyBlogGuest opens up their experts to a conversation with users and guest bloggers all over the web. They suggest TweetDeck as a good tool to keep up, but other people use TwitterChat or equivalents. The hashtag is #myblogguest.

3. JournChat


This is a recap done of the week’s best user posts on both sides of various issues, such as social media, SEO and blogging. They do their best to present different views to the best of their ability. You can communicate with the site using #JournChat.

4. PR Web


Every other Thursday at 2:00 PM EST, PR Web opens up the floor to a discussion with users and experts alike, speaking to the most influential online figures in the industry. This is an excellent chance to get some great tips and answers. The problem is that it is usually pretty busy so you might not get your issue addressed. See more at #prwebchat.

5. CommentHour


A great way to generate traffic, you fill out a form by Wednesday morning every week with a link to your blog and your Twitter username. Then, they select 25 people and feature them over the course of an hour with a link to the blog and Twitter profile. Those watching the #commenthour hashtag go to the link and leave a comment. It is a quick means of bringing some visibility to your Twitter account and blog. The hashtag is #CommentHour.

Of course, one of the best ways to use Twitter Chat is through starting your own. All you need is a date, a time and a hashtag and you are good to go. Try starting one today!

Ann Smarty is blogger and guest blogger running My Blog Guest, the free community of guest bloggers that preaches high-quality approach to guest blogging.

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